The BB-8 update for Star Wars Battlefront II is now live — BB-8 and BB-9E now playable

By Sean Carey,
The previously delayed BB-8 update for Star Wars Battlefront II has now gone live and brings with it the two new heroes, BB-8 and BB-9E, Supremacy and Instant Action game modes have found their way to new planets and new Capital Ship interior maps have also been added.

Rise of Skywalker update

The Battlefront II team have listed what's new in the update over on the game's official forums. According to the post, BB-8 is fast and can "move in and out of harm's way at speed while also being able to capture a command post at a quicker rate than others." His Rolling Charge ability once activated, allows BB-8 to move even faster, but headfirst and can damage enemies by bumping into them. He also has a Shock Prod ability that deals electrical damage to enemies in front of him over time, along with the REistance Back ability which reveals all enemies around him, makes them more vulnerable to attacks and makes enemies' radars revealed by BB-8 corrupted. BB-8 also has a Cable Spin ability where he will begin to spin and extend three tow cables hitting all enemies close-by and dealing high damage.

For BB-9E, he too has a Shock Prod weapon which stuns enemies and deals damage over time; however, the rest of his abilities are more support orientated. BB-9E can deploy a Smoke Screen which also reveals enemies around him for a limited time, the Charge Up ability emits a pulse that puts all nearby friendly blasters (and BB-9E's Shock Prod) into super success mode, meaning friendly units blasters will no longer generate heat and their ability recharge times will also be reduced. The final ability for BB-9E is Shock Spin which releases an electrical pulse that damages nearby enemies, while those further away will have their blasters overheat.

Rise of Skywalker update

The Supremacy and Instant Action game modes can now be played on Ajan Kloss, Jakku and Takonda while two new Capital Ships, the MC85 Star Cruiser and Resurgent-class Star can now be boarded as part of Supremacy.

According to the patch notes, several quality of life changes have also been made to Battlefront II including improvements to hit markers, and changes to explosives:

Hit Markers
We created unique hit markers from the attacker´s point of view for explosive damage and for melee damage/other. This will allow you to more clearly see if you are dealing splash damage or if you are hitting your target directly. In the case where you hit a target with an explosive bullet, you will see both the normal hit indicator plus the new explosive damage hit indicator. This change allowed us to fix an issue where explosive bullet headshots did not show the yellow headshot indicator.

Finally, we removed an obsolete feature where each hit indicator would turn grey if your absolute amount of damage was below a certain hard threshold.

Explosive Damage Reduction
Some game effects can cause you to take less explosive damage from grenades, explosive bullets, and other explosive damage sources. This includes the Bodyguard Star Card and the protective area when in Sentry mode. We have now added the same in-game messaging for this that we use for normal damage reduction.

This means that when you deal explosive damage to an enemy that takes reduced explosion damage, you will see a red animated shield icon emanate from that hit. To distinguish between explosion damage reduction and normal damage reduction, we have created a unique icon for explosion damage reduction that looks like four small dots and can be superimposed onto the already existing shield icon that we display above enemies' heads. We are also using these two icons near your own health bar to show you that you have been buffed by one or both of these effects.
Several changes and fixes have been made to Heroes and various classes and special units too. For the full list of changes, you can check out the post on the Battlefront II forums here.

The BB-8 update is live now and weighs in at an estimated 5.44 GB on Xbox One.
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