The gameplay trailer for Season 4 of Apex Legends shows a wholly changed World's Edge

By Heidi Nicholas,
The reveal for Season 4 of Apex Legends has been eventful, to say the least. A new Legend introduced, murdered, and replaced, all in a few days; and now a gameplay trailer, which shows a wholly changed World's Edge.

EA and Respawn first unveiled Season 4 a week or so ago, and introduced Forge as the new Legend for the season. Those fans who'd been hoping for Revenant instead didn't have much time to feel disappointed; only a few days later, Forge was killed off by Revenant, and a few days after that, Revenant was officially unveiled as Season 4's Legend with a trailer showing off his brutal backstory. Whilst all that was going on, EA and Respawn dropped several hints about Hammond Robotics somehow being involved in everything; not to mention, possibly being behind some big changes coming to the World's Edge map. Now, with the gameplay trailer for Season 4, Assimilation, we can finally see all of these pieces fitted together; and get a first glimpse of Revenant in action on a vastly changed World's Edge.

Season 4

Part of the thinking behind the map changes seems to be to get players to change things up. "By the end of a season, you probably have your favorite spot, or spots, to land," says Jason McCord, Design Director on Apex Legends. "You might prefer to rotate out of your drop location in a certain direction which in turns makes a lot of your games feel similar as the season progresses. Our goal as Designers is to offer new ways for you to approach the game, and in this case the map, so that each drop, rotation, and gunfight feels as fresh as possible." One of the most noticeable parts of the trailer was the massive Planet Harvester which Hammond Robotics have seemingly dropped into the middle of the map. It's got a multi-level design, and fights will apparently be mostly "self-contained as squads will tend to enter the fight through the long hallways that lead to the center of the structure." The fiery, ravaged appearance of World's Edge is apparently due to the Planet Harvester, which has caused faults full of lava to crack and rupture across the whole of Capital City.

There's a fissure straight through the middle of the city, which has apparently swallowed one of the construction buildings, and has split the whole area into Fragment East and Fragment West. The fissure itself can only be crossed by a zipline or by a skyscraper which has fallen to bridge the gap. It seems that the original plan was for any players who made a mistake when jumping across to then fall to their deaths; this has since been modified, and now a burst of heated and pressurised air will float the player back up and let them cross and land at their leisure. The team say they didn't want the fall to put players off of using this part of the map; especially because it works very well for some Legends: they say Pathfinder and Octane are skilled at crossing, and Caustic and Watson work well at defending. The downside of the new, safer fall is that you'll get 25 damage from the heat, consistent for every time you fall, and you will travel very slowly and in third person. This essentially makes you a great target for everyone else, as you'll be floating very slowly in the air right above them, as though there's a target on your back. There's also a new POI between the Epicenter and Skyhook, which players can use as a camp. It has the added bonus of weapon racks, like the ones in the Training and Firing Ranges.

Season 4

Aside from these map changes, the trailer takes the opportunity to show off some of Revenant's abilities, and some of the Battle Pass content: the Perfect Soldier Legendary Legend Skin for Wraith, the Health Drain Rare Legend Skin for Lifeline, and the Cyberpunked Legendary Legend Skin for Wattson. Season 4, Assimilation, begins tomorrow, February 4th.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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