World War Z update makes changes to Horde Mode with difficulty being "greatly" increased

By Sean Carey,
Horde Mode in World War Z was introduced in the last major update, but it seems that most were finding it too long and slightly too easy. Focus Home Interactive has rolled out a new patch today that makes significant changes to Horde Mode's difficulty, with the goal of having "shorter but more fun and rewarding sessions."

As detailed over on the Focus Interactive forums, Horde Mode is undergoing a number of changes. The overall difficulty is being "greatly" increased, while the wave difficulty increases at a faster rate. Resources each player gets are being reduced especially after the twentieth wave while a limit on defence kits of the same type that can be deployed, has also been introduced. Although there is a seemingly greater spike in difficulty coming to Horde with the new update, higher rewards are being offered for beating wave ten and up. Also, for those of you rejoining the same session in Horde, ammo and health will no longer be restored to full.

This update also includes the Professionals Character Skin DLC which adds skins for your favourite characters so you can see what job roles they played before the outbreak.

Focus also details that its next update for World War Z is on its way with more to share soon. More skins are coming as well as crossplay support, and further down the line, three new missions and a new location.

The full list of patch notes included in this update are listed as follows:

New Features

  • Added The Professionals character skin pack (included for Season Pass owners)

Horde Mode

  • The goal is to have shorter but more fun and much more rewarding sessions
  • Overall difficulty is greatly increased
  • Rewards for beating wave 10 and higher are greatly increased
  • Wave difficulty increases much faster
  • The amount of resources player get is slightly reduced, especially after wave 20
  • Introduced a limit to the number of defence kits of the same type that can be deployed simultaneously
  • Reduced cost of equipment bags from 30 to 25
  • Reduced auto-turrets ammo by 25%, thus players have to reload them more often
  • Wave preparation time will begin to decrease after wave 15
  • Reduced the amount of resources players can get by using breaching charges from 150 to 100
  • Rejoining the same session in horde mode will now not restore ammo and health to full
  • Added option to restore environmental objects like gasoline pools and gas cylinders via shop
  • Added new side objectives
  • Search bodies
  • Capture area


  • Bomber takes 20% more damage to limbs; this makes him easier to bring down
  • Reduced Bomber move speed by 10%
  • Fixed issue that would make Bomber explode even if player had not hit his detonator


  • Heavy Sniper Rifle
  • Increased damage by 100%
  • Classic Battle Rifle
  • Increased damage by 10%
  • Increased maximum ammo carried by one extra mag


  • Fixed issue with Thrifty perk not working as intended
  • Fixer’s “Scavenger” perk (a chance to restore defence kit) is now less efficient in Horde Mode


  • Minor UI and localization fixes


  • Fixed issue with UI not being shown after mission complete screen in rare cases
  • Fixed critical issue that caused the game to spawn fewer zombies with more waves in Horde Mode
  • Fixed issue that caused desync in zombie positions in Horde Mode
  • Fixed server performance and memory degradation in Horde Mode
  • Fixed several gameplay crashes


  • Fixed some gameplay bugs that were causing inability to progress in levels
  • Fixed issue that allowed players to clip through geometry in some places

General fixes

  • Fixed issue that caused supply bags to be unusable after a while
  • Fixed issue that caused flares from unbuilt Auto Turrets to appear when joining a game in progress
  • Fixed issue that prevented a player from selecting a character when joining a game in progress
  • Fixed issue that caused friendly fire from allied gunship on NY4 episode
  • Fixed issue that prevented players from getting rewards if a party leader left the game in rare cases
The udpdate is live now on Xbox One.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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