Rockstar acknowledge the animal spawning issue in Red Dead Online

By Heidi Nicholas,
Red Dead Online has had its fair share of teething problems, but one issue that keeps cropping up is to do with animals — or rather, the lack of them. Players have reported that there are next to no animals spawning in the game; sometimes none at all, meaning that hunting, the extra cash to be gained from animal resources, and some of the ambience of the Red Dead world are entirely missing. Rockstar has now acknowledged the animal spawning issue and say they're working on a fix.

Players have often reported the lack of animals, saying they can ride through several states without seeing many, or that farmer NPCs can be seen tending to animals that aren't actually there. It's especially a problem when the daily challenges have something to do with requiring a certain animal to spawn. While a lot of the responses to Rockstar's tweet are happy to hear a fix might be on the way, a lot of players also appear disappointed about the response time. It seems that this complaint has been going on for a while; some players say they've been experiencing the animal spawning issue for months, or even for around half a year. One workaround players have found so far is to go the online menu and use Free Roam to load into another server, especially since many have reported that the issue is worse when there are more people are in the session.

Clicking the link on the tweet will take you to a Rockstar Support page, and a brief article with the question: "Why do some sessions have very few animals spawning?" and an answer with the same text as on the tweet: "We are aware of player reports of low animal counts in Red Dead Online while playing in certain sessions. We are currently working on a fix and will provide an update as soon as we have more information." As yet, there's no word on when a fix is coming, but Rockstar's post serves as confirmation that they're aware of the issue, and are looking into it. We'll keep you posted.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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