Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville's "Valenbrainz" festival is live now

By Heidi Nicholas,
Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville continues its themed content updates with the "Valenbrainz" festival, which is live now and includes a new Turf Takeover map and new Legendary upgrades, along with a Valentine's redesign of Giddy Park. In March, there'll also be a new Wizard Zombie arriving as part of the Luck o' the Zombie festival.

The Preserve Pastures farm and spa features as a new Turf Takeover map, where players have to defend the spa (which is apparently only open to plants) from the Gargantuars. There's also a Foodal Lord Dracornius costume for Kernel Corn and a Shogun-Guard upgrade, which can be combined to create a Legendary upgrade: the Shogun-Guard shield. It gives Kernel Corn a slower rate of fire, but he'll do more damage, and aiming down the sight will cause a shield to pop up in front of him. To unlock the costume and the upgrade, players need to work through the Valenbrainz Prize map before March 1st.

Legendary upgrade

The Prize Map also has hats, Victory Slabs, Punchers, emojis, and other rewards for players to earn. Then, in March, there's the Luck o' the Zombie Festival, which will introduce the new Wizard Zombie. Like the Foodal Lord Dracornius costume of the Valenbrainz festival, the Wizard Zombie can be unlocked by taking a single path through to the end of the Prize Map in March's festival. He can also be unlocked in April for 500k coins.

New Festival content

The Valenbrainz festival is live now.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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