Code Vein sells over one million copies worldwide

By Sean Carey,
The action-RPG Code Vein has sold over one million copies worldwide, as announced by the game's official Twitter page.

Code Vein — often described as a soulslike game — was released back in September of last year (after suffering a significant year-long delay) meaning it has been out for less than six months. It's also a new IP for Bandai Namco, so these latest sales figures are nothing short of impressive.

The first of three DLC's for Code Vein released last week. Code Vein Hellfire Knight added a new side-story which culminates in a fight with a new boss, the Hellfire Knight. Three new weapons, blood veils and blood codes have also been added along with new challenges found in the Depths — The Fiery Oblivion is a new area filled with enemies.

Code Vein will be receiving another two DLCs that are slated for release "Early 2020."

CODE VEIN Hellfire Knight
CODE VEIN Hellfire Knight

New powerful foes await in the first CODE VEIN DLC, Hellfire Knight. In addition to new weapons, Blood Veils, and blood codes being added, alternate costumes for your partners are now obtainable from newly added areas in the Depths.

Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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