The first Bleeding Edge Beta starts next week

By Heidi Nicholas,
Bleeding Edge releases next month on March 24th, and Ninja Theory are preparing with two closed betas: one next week on February 14th, and one next month on March 13th.

Bleeding Edge release date closed beta

We spotted some beta dates for Bleeding Edge a little while ago, along with the as-yet unannounced release date, but Ninja Theory has now outlined the times for the first beta:

  • The Americas: Friday 14th, 10am PT to Monday 17th, 12am PT
  • United Kingdom: Friday 14th, 6pm GMT to Monday 17th, 8am GMT
  • Europe, Middle East, Africa: Friday 14th, 7pm CET to Monday 17th, 9am CET
  • Asia and Oceania: Saturday 15th, 5am AEDT, to Monday 17th, 7pm AEDT
Anybody with an Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass for PC membership can find the closed beta from the Game Pass for PC app or the Xbox Game Pass page on the console. Anyone who'd participated in the Technical alpha can find the closed beta in the Microsoft store or from their own games and apps library.

Bleeding Edge is an upcoming PvP team-based fighting game where every character has been "mechanically enhanced", according to it's Microsoft store page, with modifications like saw blades for arms, and can use abilities like mind control and freezing enemies. The player levels up their fighter as they go with new cybernetic parts and customisation for their hoverboards. Pre-ordering the game, or playing it on Xbox Game Pass before March 31st, will get players the Punk Pack: three fighter skins; Punk Rock Nidhöggr, Butterpunk Buttercup, and Outrider ZeroCool; the Rioter’s Hoverboard, an in-game Sticker Pack, and three bonus taunts.

Bleeding Edge releases on March 24th.
Heidi Nicholas
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