Introducing the TrueAchievements TADPole event

By Oliver Wylde,
For those of you hunting for your next Community Challenge badge rank - look no further. After the great success of our Link Frog Challenge in 2019, we're switching up the rules of LeapFrog once again, this time based around TA Difference (TAD). Introducing the The TrueAchievements TADPole Challenge!

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What is The TADPole Challenge?

TADPole is inspired by a mix of ideas from other events — after implementing TA Difference in this year's GTASC, we've decided to bring it over to a LeapFrog style event too!

The goal is to earn as many achievements as possible, with each achievement unlock being at least 5 more TA Difference than the previous one.

TA Difference is defined as the difference between the TrueAchievement score and the GamerScore of an achievement. So you'll need to unlock harder and harder stuff as you go!

Rules of the TADPole Challenge

  • Valid Leaps are at least 5 TA Difference more than the TA difference of the previous valid achievement
  • The challenge will start as soon as you register
  • Unscanned achievements unlocked prior to registering will not count
  • Progress will update once achievements are scanned onto the site
  • Achievements that don't reach the minimum of 5 TAD above the previous one are ignored
  • App achievements and game challenges do count for this challenge
  • Achievements must be won while online to be valid

How to do well in the TADPole Challenge

The challenge is easiest if you start at low TA Difference values and increase slowly — too large of a leap will make things very difficult very quickly.

A perfect first three leaps before things started getting trickyA perfect first three leaps before things started getting tricky

Community Challenge badge

The Community Challenge badge rank will be awarded to those who unlock of 10 or more achievements during the event. Happy leaping!

TADPole additional information

The challenge begins Friday, February 7th at 12 midday UTC and runs for two weeks until Friday, February 21st at 12 midday UTC. Registration will open when the challenge starts, and you will be able to register at any point during the event. When it starts, a Register button will appear on the TADPole Hub, after which, your achievements will start counting towards the challenge. Again, make sure you start at low TA Difference and steadily increase by at least 5 TAD per unlock. Achievements which don't meet this 5 TAD increase requirement will not count toward the challenge.

What are the prizes for the TADPole Challenge?

There is a leaderboard that will track your unlock progress, with prizes going to the top 3 gamers with the most achievements unlocked.
  • 3rd Place: Badge on your profile page and three months of TA Pro
  • 2nd Place: Badge on your profile page and six months of TA Pro
  • 1st Place: Badge on your profile page and one year of TA Pro
In event of a tie, cumulative TrueAchievement score will be the deciding factor.

Where can I find out more about the TADPole Challenge?

You can head over to the Event Hub to get more details, and you can also check out the FAQ Thread for more advice from the Community and Events team, and some examples of valid leaps for this challenge.

We hope you enjoy this latest challenge, and look forward to seeing how far you can leap!
Oliver Wylde
Written by Oliver Wylde
Hi I'm Ollie and I've been part of the development team since 2018. Having been in to online RPGs since I could first access the internet, I've played more MMOs than I care to admit! I've also owned a fair few different consoles and have a soft spot for platformers like Celeste and Hollow Knight.