Rockstar wants to add more roles, properties, and gameplay variety to Red Dead Online

By Heidi Nicholas,
Rockstar are far from done with Red Dead Online content, it seems. They want to add the next evolution of Collector gameplay, like how they did with Moonshiner for the Trader role, along with "a lot of additional roles", and perhaps more properties.

Moonshiners Red Dead 2

The addition of Frontier Pursuits to Red Dead Online was a huge improvement to the overall quality of the game. In addition to Bounty Hunter, Collectors, and Traders, Rockstar most recently introduced Moonshiners as the newest Frontier Pursuit. At the time, it seemed as though this was an entirely separate role from the previous three, but speaking to Polygon, lead online production associate at Rockstar Katie Pica says that it was actually more of an evolution of the Trader role; and that they'd like to do something similar with the Collector role. “We’d love to keep adding new collections and additional variety to Collector gameplay, eventually adding the next step, much in the same way that Moonshiner is the evolution of the Trader,” she said, adding, "One idea we really want to explore is the idea of posse members each finding a distinctly different part of an item, that when brought together forms the collectible you can log in your collection.”

One of the big new changes that came with the Moonshiners role was that it allowed players to own property. Once the player reaches about Rank 5 in the Trader mission, or completed a sell mission, they're taken to meet veteran bootlegger Maggie Fike, who helps them find their own Moonshining Shack. She officiates over the ground level of the shack, which serves as the front for the business run by the player in the basement. Over time, players can also set up their own bar and customise it with decor, serve their moonshine, and hire a country band. “Some of the roles would let us introduce more feature-rich businesses and even communal spaces that players can gather and meet up socially, lone wolves and full posses,” says associate online producer of Rockstar, Tarek Hamad, when speaking about the future roles they'd like to introduce. He adds that they're also considering letting each player own their own part of that communal space.

Rockstar's online titles are performing very well; both Red Dead Online and GTA V recently broke player number records. It seems that Rockstar are planning to keep this success rolling with more and more updates for Red Dead Online. “There are a lot of additional roles we want to introduce which touch on features we haven’t explored yet in Red Dead Online,” said Hamad. It seems as though it might be a while before we have news of what Rockstar are planning, as Hamad adds that they're “still very much in the formative stages of delivering an array of roles and gameplay types within those roles.” There was, to be fair, about three months between the addition of the Bounty Hunter, Trader and Collector roles, and that of the Moonshiner role. If Rockstar are sticking to that sort of timetable, we could perhaps expect to start hearing about a new role as early as this month. We'll keep you posted.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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