Free content update for Children of Morta adds Hard Mode, new enemies, items and more

By Sean Carey,
A free content update for the Xbox Game Pass title, Children of Morta is now live and available to download. The Shrine of Challenge update adds a new Hard Mode, enemies, items and more.

Shrine of Challenge is the first update of 2020 for Children of Morta that brings with it a bunch of new content. The new Hard Mode will test battle-hardened players with enemies who deal more damage and have more health; however, there are bigger XP rewards up for grabs. New enemies including Dark Blade and Mech Constructor have been added with new fight rules, and there is new loot — 18 items in the form of Divine Relics, Graces and Charms will see players dropping granite boulders from the sky and using bolts of lightning to destroy their enemies. A new UI has also been introduced with a larger HUD option, and several balance tweaks for Normal Mode have also been made.

Children of Morta Roadmap

The development roadmap details what else we can expect for the future of Children of Morta and nearly all of the game's updates will be for free, including a New Game+ Mode, a new playable character, online co-op and more. A paid expansion that adds a brand new chapter will be coming at a later date too.

Children of Morta was recently added to both Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC and is a superb addition to the Game Pass service. The action-RPG follows the Bergsons, a family of heroes each with their own unique flaws and abilities as they fight against the forthcoming corruption. Players will have to fight their way through procedurally generated dungeons and lands filled with various enemies. The game has received high praise from both critics and players for its excellent storytelling and gameplay with it garnering a Metascore of 80, while here on TA, Children of Morta is sitting at 4.39/5.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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