Servers for RIDE on the Xbox 360 are back online making three achievements obtainable

By Sean Carey,
It looks like servers for RIDE on the Xbox 360 have come back online over the past few days making three achievements that were previously discontinued, obtainable again.

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The non-backwards compatible motorbike racing game was released in back 2015 and for the servers to suddenly come back online now is quite surprising. According to posts on our forums, servers for RIDE went down sometime towards the end of May last year and that developer Milestone was working on a solution. Thanks to TA user ALADIA (and BulgyDragonZord for the heads up), we can confirm that three achievements are now once again being unlocked.

RIDE (Xbox 360)ConnectionThe Connection achievement in RIDE (Xbox 360) worth 17 pointsComplete your first online race

RIDE (Xbox 360)Digital ChampionshipThe Digital Championship achievement in RIDE (Xbox 360) worth 36 pointsComplete an Online Championship

RIDE (Xbox 360)It's better with friendsThe It's better with friends achievement in RIDE (Xbox 360) worth 57 pointsComplete 20 online races

If you need these achievements from RIDE on the 360, it's probably worth grabbing these ASAP. As BulgyDragonZord has pointed out to us, Milestone is known to pull the plug on servers in games without prior warning — MotoGP 13 on the 360 being an example.

Milestone recently announced that the fourth instalment to the RIDE series would be coming this year. Milestone said RIDE 4 will be the "groundbreaking sandboxing experience for all motorsport enthusiasts, offering an unprecedented level of realism and precision." No release date has been given, but we expect to hear more on the game sometime soon.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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