Votes are now open for March 2020's TA Playlist game

By The TA Playlist Team,
Welcome back to the all-important vote for the third month of the new TA Playlist. While we continue to celebrate the bromance of Marcus and Dom in Gears of War 3, we need to make the decision on which game will be played in March 2020’s playlist.

TA Playlist

After the bromance (and the unnecessary grind) that Gears 3 provided, next month we move our focus to the theme of dumb fun. Each of the games looking for your votes this month are easy to play but hard to master, and are full of ridiculous situations and dangerous animals. Despite their ragdoll physics and innocent stunts, these titles might be a bit more challenging than you think. With that, it’s up to you all to decide which game the community will be playing via the TA Playlist!

Here are your four choices for the month of March, all of which are once again available on Xbox Game Pass.

Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat 2

Human: Fall Flat is an open-ended physics-based third person puzzle and exploration game. You play as Bob, a simple human with no real special abilities at all, but given the right tools, he can do a lot… misusing those tools, he can do even more. With a wide range of achievements, both simple and strenuous, both the PC and Xbox One version are available for this month's Playlist. Will you try to open that mysterious door in his dreams, or would you rather see how far you can throw a set of speakers out the window?

Supermarket Shriek

Supermarket Shriek Achievements

Set in your neighborhood grocery, one man and a goat must go on a journey to discover something deep within themselves and ultimately save, save, SAVE! On 3 for 2 items in the canned food aisle, while stocks last (Ts and Cs apply). Propel through the store in this obstacle kart racer, using their incomprehensible screams to speed through the aisles, solving various challenges along the way. Beware: this dumb fun title isn't as easy as it sounds. But we've got a walkthrough to help you out.

Goat Simulator


What says dumb fun more than a goat in a grocery kart? One that's wreaking havoc across a city. Goat Simulator combines ragdoll physics and unpolished mechanics to create a humorously broken experience, and yet, somehow became a beloved title via the internet. With fairly simple achievements to obtain, enjoy exploring this sandbox world as you fall from ridiculous heights, lick things you should never lick, and bleat at unsuspecting citizens on the street. All three versions of the title are acceptable to enter this month's playlist, and there's a walkthrough available for each one as well.

Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game available now in Xbox Game Pass


As per usual, if you don't dig this month's selection, check back again next month for a new mix of titles. We're still working hard to come up with new themes and concepts for TA Playlist, so keep an eye out for any future updates. If you'd like to contribute some of your own ideas, feel free to drop a comment via the TA Playlist Hub.

And with that, let the voting begin! We'll see you again soon for the results.
Which game should the community play for TA Playlist in March 2020?
  • Human: Fall Flat17.75% (304)
  • Supermarket Shriek10.45% (179)
  • Goat Simulator21.07% (361)
  • Untitled Goose Game50.73% (869)
We've had 1713 responses.
The TA Playlist Team
Written by The TA Playlist Team
The TA Playlist is a monthly community event. Everyone votes on which of four games to play, and then we all play through it in the following month. There's a dedicated hub to discuss everything about the game, from story beats to gameplay tips – and of course, you can track your achievement progress during the month as well. TA Playlist was created by Mark Delaney and is now run by Miles, Nici and Chewie.
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