Easy Gamerscore: The nine quickest game completions from the latest Xbox sales

By Sean Carey,
We are back this week with another quick completions article from the latest Xbox One and Xbox 360 sales. Last week, the pickings were incredibly slim, so we didn't bother with a story. Thankfully, we have nine quick and easy completions this week that can bump up your Gamerscore. Each game listed has a low TA ratio and a relatively short completion time, bar a couple of exceptions. We've linked directly to each game's hub where you'll find achievement lists, guides and walkthroughs. There's also a handy link to the Microsoft Store where you can make a purchase on one of these titles.

Quickest Xbox Game Completions from the latest Sales

Game Completion Time Average Discount Store Links
Transference 0-1 hour 70% View
The Station 0-1 hour 65% View
The Path of Motus 1-2 hours 60% View
Professional Farmer 2017 1-2 hours 70% View
Shred It! 4-5 hours 50% View
MONOPOLY Plus 1-2 hours 60% View
Elea 2-3 hours 90% View
Degrees of Separation 5-6 hours 85% View
Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle 6-8 hours 50% View

First up and the easiest completion of the bunch is Transference. The adventure game has 14 achievements for a total of 1000 Gamerscore. All but three of Transference's achievements are story related so they can't be missed. The other three are flagged as collectables, but they aren't too taxing, and some can be tracked via the main menu. Completion time is less than an hour, especially if you follow the well-received walkthrough written by KylKo. Transference is rated a 3.10/5 here on TA, and it will set you back $7.49.

Our second easiest completion is The Station, with its 11 achievements worth 1000 Gamerscore. The adventure game is similar to Tacoma (another easy completion) and has you exploring an abandoned space station. Just over half of the game's achievements are story related, with the rest being straightforward to complete. If you follow vSully's great walkthrough (which currently sits at 252 likes), you'll grab all the achievements in around 30 minutes. It's highly recommended that you follow this walkthrough as several achievements can easily be missed. The TA community has rated The Station a 2.96/5 and can be bought on sale for $5.24.

Shred It! has a total of 25 achievements worth 1550 Gamerscore thanks to a title update. It is going to take you investing some time to get a full completion though — around seven hours, or shorter if you follow the walkthrough on site. The snowboarding game is currently rated 2.78/5 and is on sale for $4.99 — not bad for 1550Gs.

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Elea is a game we have mentioned previously in our quick completions article. Previously we weren't too sure just how quick and easy of a completion it was, but TA members have confirmed to us that it's not too taxing. Definitely worth following the walkthrough on this one, as several of Elea's 19 achievements are missable and can be a little buggy. We are highlighting Elea this week as it's on sale for $1.29 an absolute steal for 1000 Gamerscore and just 2-3 hours of your time. The adventure title doesn't have the best rating here on TA with a 2.23/5, so you'll probably be picking up this one for the Gamerscore.

Degrees of Separation isn't owned by many on-site, but 47% of owners have completed it's list. The puzzle-platformer has 10 achievements worth 1000 Gamerscore with three of them being worth 0G for some reason. We don't have a walkthrough for this one, but we do have plenty of individual achievement guides to help you out if you find yourself at a loss. Our official site review gives Degrees of Separation a 3/5 and is currently on sale for $3. Around 5-6 hours is needed for the full completion according to estimates.

Pro Farmer 1

This one has a lot of confusion and unknowns surrounding it, but we thought we'd highlight it anyway. Professional Farmer 2017 can be completed quickly using a money exploit offline, but reading a few comments in the forums, it can be quite glitchy and sometimes doesn't work — you might need a physical copy for this one too as some are reporting the digital version has patched out the workaround. You may also have to buy the standard version, and not the Gold Edition as that has seemingly been patched and the exploit won't work. If you're still interested professional Farmer 2017 has 15 achievements worth 1000 Gamerscore and can be completed in a couple of hours using said exploit. Check out some of the individual achievement guides on how to do it. Good luck if you're attempting this one!

That's it for this week. As always, let us and the community know of any other quick completions from the sales that you know of and if any of these titles are harder than the TA ratios and achievement lists make out. Also, if you can shed more light on a Professional Farmer 2017 completion, we'd love to know more. Catch you next week.

You can view the full list of the games discounted in the latest Xbox sale here.

Will you be picking up any of these titles for a quick Gamerscore boost?

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