Red Dead Online has XP boosts this week for Role activities and character progression

By Heidi Nicholas,
Rockstar are bringing specialist role XP boosts into Red Dead Online, along with new catalogue additions, and rewards from Madam Nazar for those who bring her the Lovers Collection.

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There's a 40% XP and Role XP boost across all character progression and role progression. Moonshiners have a 40% XP and Role XP boost across Sales, Moonshine Story and Bootlegger Missions. Bounty Hunters have 40% XP and Role XP boost across Bounty Hunter Missions (including Legendary Bounties). Traders have 40% XP and Role XP boost across Sales and Resupply Missions, and, apparently, making Stew in camp. Collectors have 40% XP and Role XP boost on sales of complete Collection sets. Permanent additions to the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalogue this week are the Charleston and Reaves Top Hats and the Caugherty Shirt. Limited-time items are the Morning Tail, Irwin and Eberhart Coats, and the Furred and Woodland Gloves.

Feb newswire

Meanwhile, Red Dead Online's nod to Valentine's Day takes the form of the Lovers Collection, made up of the Chocolate Daisy, Yellow Gold Diamond Ring, and the Two of Cups Tarot Card. Bringing the Lovers Collection to Madam Nazar will get players a "handsome reward". Lastly, there's some additional bonuses and benefits available this week: 25% off Moonshiner Properties, including the fee to relocate, and five Gold Bars off the Bounty Hunter Licence, Butcher Table and Collector's Bag. The Stew Pot and Weapons Locker are also 30% off.

Rockstar are far from finished with their plans for Red Dead Online content, and want to add more roles, properties, and gameplay variety. They described the Moonshiner role — the most recent Frontier pursuit — as the evolution of the Trader role, and said they want to do something similar with the Collector role. Whilst they haven't yet laid out any sort of timeline for future content, it sounds as though there's a lot planned. We'll keep you posted.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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