UPDATE: The Coalition to reverse Gears 5 controversial Multiplayer XP change

By Sean Carey,
UPDATE: Several hours after this story was posted, The Coalition made a statement about the controversial MPXP changes and will be reversing its decision on difficulty multipliers. A statement over on the Gears 5 forums from the senior community manager reads:

Since the deployment on Tuesday, we’ve been reading all your comments and taking in everything being said. We are looking to make changes in the very near future - hopefully, this week - in order to address your concerns.

Our goal will be to restore difficulty multipliers while also ensuring we’re awarding more XP for lower levels than we did before Tuesday’s change. This should mean we both serve getting more for pushing yourself on harder difficulties, while still upping the general XP rate for the difficulty levels most players are on (Elite or lower).

We’re working on the tuning now and we are hopefully going to have a concrete response for you on this very soon.
Original Story:
The Gears 5 team has deployed a server-side update that adjusts the way Multiplayer XP is distributed. Base Multiplayer XP is now doubled and should cut down the time needed to unlock a character via its Totem.

Gears 5 MPXP changes

Over on the Gears 5 website, The Coalition said that it currently takes too long for players to unlock a character, "When we deployed Character unlocks via Totems, our intention was for a Character unlock to take approximately 10 hours of play to complete the full set of Challenges. However, we’ve heard consistent reports of the process taking much longer for some players and, after reviewing the data, we identified that the average unlock time for most players exceeded that 10-hour goal.

"The cause was an inconsistency between MPXP rates in Versus and lower difficulty levels of Horde/Escape on Elite or lower – which accounts for the vast majority of our player base – and higher difficulty PvE play."

Now two changes have gone live in Gears 5. Base Multiplayer XP for time played has been doubled for all modes, and the difficulty multiplier will no longer affect Multiplayer XP earned in both Horde and Escape modes. The Coalition notes that Multiplayer XP should now be earned consistently across all modes and players will no longer feel pressured to play either a certain difficulty or a specific mode to optimise XP.

If you're one of the top PVE players, however, this does mean a drop in Multiplayer XP for you, The Coalition says, "There is still an advantage for playing at an increased difficulty with better chances for higher rarity Skill Drops and increased Character XP."

These changes are not final, however. The Coalition will be keeping a close eye on the results to determine if they stay.

There's also a Free Boost Weekend on its way. From February 14 through to February 16, you can claim a free Boost each day to earn even more XP. Times are listed below:
  • Starts: Friday, February 14 at 2 am PT
  • Day of Boost: Claimable each day from 2 am PT – 1:59 am PT
  • Ends: Monday, February 17 at 2 am PT
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