Sea of Thieves' next update will give players the chance to redesign their pirate

By Heidi Nicholas,
Rare are starting a new series, called Sea of Thieves News, which they'll release as episodes in the weeks before and after content updates for Sea of Thieves. The first was released today, and revealed a couple of key pieces of information. The most notable change will be that after the next update, players will finally be able to change their pirate's appearance; a feature that fans have been heavily requesting for some time. Also revealed in the episode was that Rare are, after the success of their last fundraiser, releasing a new set of sails to raise money for a new charity. They also shared news about the next content update, a new Cursed Chest, and some quality of life fixes.

The devs briefly comment on the next game update, Crews of Rage, which will come next week on the 19th February, but say they're saving the details until next week's update trailer. The most notable item in this Sea of Thieves News episode is that the update will give players the ability to change their pirate's appearance, by essentially going through the creation process a second time. There'll be a new item in the Pirate Emporium to help you do this: the Pirate Appearance Potion, available for 149 ancient coins.

Sea of Thieves news

There'll also be a new Cursed Chest; the Chest of Rage. It's pretty distinctive, with an ominous cloud of sparks and steam coming out of it; and if it's left alone too long, it'll heat up and, ultimately, set fire to your ship. You might be wondering why on earth you'd take it on board in that case, but it will apparently be very valuable. For anyone thinking they can just leave it in a layer of water below deck — this won't work either. The water will become super-heated too. The devs say they're keen to see how players will use this in combat, as they can apparently affect how quickly it'll heat up and explode. There'll be some quality of life changes; mermaids will now pop up more often to provide support, unless you're heading to an enemy ship, in which case they'll be dialled back so as not to ruin any attempt at stealth. Lighting has also been toned down during storms.

Rare recently announced that the Sea of Thieves community had helped to raise over $76,000 for the SpecialEffect charity through purchases of the Noble Pathfinder Sails; a huge amount for a wonderful cause. They're building on that success with a new set of sails, the Valiant Dawn sails; the proceeds of which will be going to the St. Jude Children’s Hospital charity.

Sea of Thieves news

The next Sea of Thieves game update, Crews of Rage, will be arriving next week on the 19th February. There'll be an update trailer before then with more details, so we'll keep you posted.
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