Death's Gambit is now available on Xbox Game Pass for PC

By Heidi Nicholas,
Death's Gambit, an action RPG where you take on the role of an agent of Death, is available in Xbox Game Pass for PC today. Players will explore a hostile medieval planet filled with towering creatures, and fight on Death's behalf to purge their souls. Death's Gambit doesn't come with achievements on Xbox Game Pass for PC.

The Death's Gambit page on the Microsoft Store labels it a "challenging 2D action platformer with deep RPG elements." The player is bound to Death, and in his service must fight and purge the towering creatures across Siradon to "uncover the true price of immortality". Siradon is a hostile medieval planet populated with all sorts of hazards. Each massive boss creature needs its own strategy to defeat, with the player gradually building a repertoire of weapons and spells. The fact that you'll need a grappling hook just to scale some of the creatures shows just how big they're going to be.

Death's Gambit

The game's world spans forests and towns, with players travelling from the Obsidian Vale, to the Witch Woods and the Sanguine City and beyond. The game's RPG elements include a character class system with seven classes and a skill tree. The player can also customise their character with more than ten weapon types. If you want to make things considerably harder for yourself, there's a heroic mode which causes the monsters you've just defeated to return with a new challenge and abilities. There's also a New Game Plus: "Complete Death's Gambit to unlock New Game+ in brackets of three to set your own difficulty, and endure the struggle all over again."

Death's Gambit is now available for Xbox Game Pass for PC, although without achievements.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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