Bucket Knight Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Bucket Knight Achievement list.

There are 34 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

Bucket Knight Achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
Down the rabbit hole Beat the 1-1 stage 30
Bat-cave Beat the 1-2 stage 30
Did you saw a saw? Beat the 1-3 stage 30
Pitch black Beat the 1-4 stage 30
Our king? Well i did not vote for you! Beat the 2-1 stage 30
Baby one more time Beat the 2-2 stage 30
Did you found the key? Beat the 2-3 stage 30
My precious Beat the 2-4 stage 30
Scary skeletons Beat the 3-1 stage 30
Lets have a tea first Beat the 3-2 stage 30
A couple of mushrooms Beat the 3-3 stage 30
Ni! Beat the 3-4 stage 30
Eat an apple Beat the 4-1 stage 30
It is just a scratch Beat the 4-2 stage 30
I have had worse Beat the 4-3 stage 30
A SHRUBBERRY! Beat the 4-4 stage 30
I will bite your legs off! Beat the 5-1 stage 30
Come on, you pansy! Beat the 5-2 stage 30
Where'd you get the coconuts? Beat the 5-3 stage 30
What is your favorite color? Beat the 5-4 stage 30
It's a silly place Beat the 6-1 stage 30
That's rabbit dynamite! Beat the 6-2 stage 30
Who was a hamster? Beat the 6-3 stage 30
You fight with strength of many men, sir Beat the 6-4 stage 30
The Bucket Knights always triumph! Beat the 7-1 stage 30
To seek the Holy Grail! Find the Holy Grail 30
Journey begins! Start a game 10
I hate cheese! Get poisoned by cheese 30
Say hello to my little friend! Buy a machinegun 30
Ah, my old love! Buy a shotgun 30
Get to the choppa! Buy a minigun 30
Greed is good! Collect 1000 gold 30
Very good. Indeed Collect 5000 gold 30
Time is the only treasure Collect 10000 gold 30
Bucket Knight is a classic run-and-gun platformer game.

Even knights still have to pay taxes, loans and alimony. Help unnamed but brave knight in his sacred mission to find the Holy Grail (and make some money). Explore dungeons, slay enemies, avoid traps, stay alive and get rich!
Bucket Knight is developed by PigeonDev and published by Sometimes You.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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