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By Sam Quirke,
You may have missed it, but Xbox have completely overhauled Xbox Game Pass Quests, the system by which players can earn Microsoft Rewards points by playing Xbox Game Pass games. Not only are there now Daily, Weekly and Monthly Quests on rotation, but players are now asked to complete tasks beyond simply unlocking achievements. You can now view all current active Xbox Game Pass Quests on TrueAchievements – the only place to find up-to-date Quests and Objectives information outside of the console and Xbox Game Pass App.

Xbox Game Pass quests page

Our developers have been hard at work to integrate this new system into TrueAchievements to make it the best and easiest place to see all of your Xbox Quests and objectives. We have plans to expand the information we give out and how you can interact with it, but here's what you get in this first release:
  • Up-to-date Game Pass Quest list: Our Xbox Game Pass Quests page lists every active Quest and the Microsoft Rewards points you can earn for completing it. The page will automatically update with the latest Quests as they arrive daily, weekly and monthly. It'll show you when each Quest is due to expire, too.
  • Ultimate-only Quests: In the new Quests program, some Quests are only available to Ultimate subscribers. It's hard to tell which ones are which on the official app. On TA, we let you know with a banner next to each Ultimate quest.
  • Quest Objectives and applicable games: Click on a Quest title and you will see all of the objectives, with details on how many objectives you need to complete to finish the Quest. It'll also show you the games the quest is applicable for.
  • Achievement lists and guides: Most Quests' objectives have some similarities with the game's original achievements list. We give you a link straight to the list so you can check out our community's guides and walkthroughs.
If you want to check out how the new functionality works, take a look at the Sharp Shooter Quest, which has objectives related to Superhot and Sniper Elite 4.

We're excited to add even more functionality to our Xbox Game Pass Quests integration – we'll share those details with you as we release new features.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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