Poll: What do you think of the new Xbox Game Pass Quest System?

By Sean Carey,
It's Friday and that means it's time for another TA Poll. Recapping last week's, we asked you what Xbox Game Pass title did you enjoy the most from January. A couple of big titles came to the service including GTA V, A Plague Tale: Innocence and Tekken 7. A Plague Tale: Innocence came top in our poll with 43.92% of the vote, followed by GTA V on 16.51%.

Xbox Game Pass Quests

This week we're sticking with the topic of Xbox Game Pass. Recently, Xbox revamped the Xbox Game Pass Quests system to include more ways to earn Microsoft Rewards Points, including new daily, weekly and monthly Quests. We here on TA, now have a dedicated tab on the Xbox Game Pass page which updates when new quests are added with their descriptions and how much they're worth.

We want to know your thoughts on the new Quests system. Love it? Hate it? Or do you not collect Rewards Points at all? Vote in this week's poll and share your opinions in the comments below.
What do you think of the new Xbox Game Pass Quests system?
  • Love it69.15% (1717)
  • Not a fan4.59% (114)
  • I don't bother completing Quests20.78% (516)
  • Prefer the old system5.48% (136)
We've had 2483 responses.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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