Microsoft are having a giveaway for a custom Jordan Brand Xbox One X

By Heidi Nicholas,
Microsoft are currently running a limited time giveaway for a limited edition, custom Jordan Brand Xbox One X console, complete with two matching controllers.

The giveaway is part of a collaboration with Nike. All you have to do to enter is retweet the above and include #Xboxsweepstakes. The Sweepstakes don't end until 7pm PST on Thursday 27th February. Microsoft are no stranger to themed custom consoles; they had three Game of Thrones themed custom consoles last year; one for House Targaryen, one themed after the Night King, and one themed after the Iron Throne itself. They've had several in the past, including one a few years ago themed after World of Tanks.

The console and controllers for this collaboration with Nike all match each other, being finished in the same red hue and with the Jumpman logo featured in the centre of the console and in the bottom right of the controllers. You could say this one's a little more toned down than the other custom designs — aside from the fact that it's all in bright red — there's no Iron Throne sword design or Targaryen crest sticking out, for one thing.

The giveaway ends next week, on Thursday 27th at 7pm PST.

Thanks to psybOltOn for the news tip.
(Thanks, The Verge)
Heidi Nicholas
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