*Updated* Dead Cells' third update should fix crashing issues for Xbox Game Pass players

By Heidi Nicholas,
Update: The devs have now confirmed that the update is live. It had been stuck "in certification" with Microsoft all day yesterday, but Motion Twin say everything should be all sorted now.

Original story:
The first DLC for Dead Cells released last week, pulling a lot of players back into the game. Unfortunately, any of those who were playing through Xbox Game Pass have been experiencing crashing issues when trying to start the game up. The Xbox version received a fix on the DLC's launch day, but the devs are still busy on a solution for the Xbox Gamepass for PC version, which they say should be ready in a few hours.

Dead Cells The Bad Seed DLC

The game's first DLC, The Bad Seed, released on February 11th. The developers, Motion Twin, tried an update a few days later, and, when that didn't work, tried another the day after. When it was clear this hadn't fixed it either, they announced a third update, which should release later today.

The devs are currently participating in an AMA on Reddit, where they're discussing the problems the game's having with the Xbox and Game Pass versions. They say that the "Xbox publish and testing process is a bit different than other platforms," and that more "a small typo made the base game not being able to detect the DLC correctly," adding, "That issue was quick to fix and an update was available on the DLC launch day." When asked if that was why issues were still happening with Xbox Gamepass for PC, they replied, "No, the PC gamepass version has some other kind of troubles, that are going to be fixed today". The dev clarified that "the fixed build is in pending status", adding that they "encountered some Microsoft library issues".

The update should roll out in a few hours, fixing issues for Xbox Gamepass for PC players. The AMA with the devs is still going on over on Reddit, so if you had any Dead Cells questions, now would be the time to ask. We'll let you know when the update arrives.
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