The Soroboreans will be Outward's first DLC, arriving this Spring

By Heidi Nicholas,
Action RPG Outward gets its first DLC pack this spring, titled The Soroboreans. It'll apparently include new content, but developers Nine Dots Studio say we won't get more info on that until later. At the moment, they're just revealing a little about the new features, skills, and status effects.


Along with all the fun side-effects of adventuring like hunger, thirst, and cold, players will now be vulnerable to corruption. Again, the devs say there'll be more info and developer diaries coming soon to detail this feature properly, but for now, they say corruption will have various effects on players, and that if you don't find a way to rid yourself of it, it could bring about your death.

Players will also be able to add new effects to weapons and trinkets via a new enchanting system, as well as new skills and status effects to their character. These new status effects and skills will apparently be useful in dealing with corruption, as well as impacting gameplay. There's not much to go on yet about the content of the DLC, apart from its name. The Soroboreans are one of the factions in the game, and the fact that there's not a whole lot of background info about them in Outward suggests they're the perfect focus for the DLC.

The Soroboreans DLC will release in Spring this year, and Nine Dots Studio say there'll be more info on it soon. We'll keep you posted.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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