Easy Gamerscore: The 14 quickest game completions from the latest Xbox sales

By Sean Carey,
There are plenty of games to choose from in terms of quick completions this week. We've determined a total of 14 titles from the latest Xbox One and Xbox 360 sales that should be quick and easy to complete. Hopefully, with our list, you can add a couple of thousand Gamerscore to your tag. As always, we've linked you to each game's hub where you can find achievement lists, guides and a walkthrough if one's been written. We've also linked you directly to the Microsoft Store where you can purchase these titles.

Quickest Xbox Game Completions from the latest Sales

Game Completion Time Average Discount Store Links
Sonic the FightersBackwards compatible 0-1 hour 50% View
FoxyLand 0-1 hour 25% View
Gravity Duck 0-1 hour 33% View
Aery - Little Bird Adventure 0-1 hour 25% View
Woodle Tree Adventures 1-2 hours 60% View
My Brother Rabbit 2-3 hours 50% View
Gnomes Garden: Lost King 6-8 hours 60% View
The Office Quest 1-2 hours 25% View
Deployment 0-1 hour 60% View
Paperbound Brawlers 0-1 hour 30% View
Submerged 4-5 hours 80% View
Stone 1-2 hours 25% View
Weakless 1-2 hours 20% View
Captain Cat 2-3 hours 50% View
Sonic The Fighters

First up, let's have a look at the easiest completions as determined by the TA ratios. We have Sonic the Fighters, a backwards-compatible Xbox 360 title with just 12 achievements; however, it is only worth 400 Gamerscore. It shouldn't cause you too much of a headache to unlock all of the games achievements though with an estimated completion time of well under an hour, especially if you're following our Walkthrough. The walkthrough does note if you have a second controller or someone to boost the game with, it will make the completion considerably easier. Sonic the Fighters isn't the most well-received game with our official review giving the game a 1/5, so unless you're a diehard Sonic fan and are yet to play this one, you're probably just picking it up for the Gamerscore. The game is on sale for $2.49.

FoxyLand Achievements

In terms of a full 1000 Gamerscore completion, the next easiest game on the list is Foxyland. Many of you will already be familiar with the Ratalaika title famed for its easy completion. The platformer has 14 achievements worth 1000 Gamerscore with an estimated completion time of under an hour. We don't have a walkthrough for this one, but looking at the achievement list, it looks straightforward enough. Slightly better reception for this one with a 2.40/5 rating from the TA community. You can pick up Foxyland for $3.74.

Woodle Tree Adventures Achievements

Onto the cheapest game of the list, which is Woodle Tree Adventures. This platformer is just $1.99 making it the best bang for your buck this week. Estimated completion time of only 1-2 hours on this one, with possibly the hardest achievement from its 10 achievement list being a collectable, where you have to collect 3000 berries. If you find yourself at a loss, however, check out our walkthrough that should be able to help. Pretty poor reception for his one too coming in at a 1.94/5 from the TA cohort — still, for $2 and an hour or two of your time, you can't complain too much.

Image 1

The highest-rated game on our list this week is My Brother Rabbit, a point & click adventure title that clocks in at a 3.72/5 community rating. Slightly longer completion time of 2-3 hours to complete its 30 achievements for 1000 Gamerscore. Most achievements are related to the story so you can't miss them; however, there are a few collectables to grab, so it's worth following the well-received walkthrough here on TA. My Brother Rabbit will set you back $7.49.

That's it for this week's quick completions. Let us and everyone else know if we've missed any titles you know of that can be completed on the quick and are included in the sales. Also, give us a heads-up if the achievement lists of our games listed aren't as easy as they make out on paper. Catch you next week.

You can view the full list of the games discounted in the latest Xbox sale here.

Will you be picking up any of these titles for a quick Gamerscore boost?
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