New weekly Xbox Game Pass Quests are now live for another 275 Microsoft Rewards Points

By Heidi Nicholas,
The new weekly Xbox Game Pass quests are now live. With the Xbox Game Pass quest system, you can earn Rewards Points by taking part in daily, weekly, and monthly challenges, and we've got the roundup of every quest on offer, how to complete them, and how many Microsoft Rewards Points you'll get for doing so, right here. If you'd like a refresher on the changes Xbox has made to the Xbox Game Pass Quest system a few weeks ago, you can check that here, as well as how TrueAchievements are integrating Xbox Game Pass Quests into the site, here.

Since last week, we've added the ability for you to leave comments and suggestions on game-specific Quests. Click through on any of the game related Quests in the table below to see the community's suggestions on how to complete them - and leave your own best tips too!

Xbox Game Pass Quests

Xbox Game Pass Daily Quests

NameObjectivesRewards Points
Play Game Pass Play any Game Pass game15
Log in to the Game Pass Mobile AppLog in to the Game Pass mobile app15

Xbox Game Pass Weekly Quests

These Xbox Game Pass Quests can be earned between the 18 Feb 2020 and 25 Feb 2020.
NameObjectivesRewards Points
Finisher*Finish 2 multiplayer missions in DR475
Hunt for GoldObtain 10 gold orbs in DMC575
Earn an Achievement in Game PassEarn an achievement in any Game Pass game50
Complete 4 Daily QuestsComplete 4 daily quests this week25
Earn Your WayUnlock 4 achievements or play 5 different Game Pass games 50
* These challenges require a Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription

Xbox Game Pass Monthly Quests

These Xbox Game Pass Quests can be earned between the 04 Feb 2020 and 02 Mar 2020.
NameObjectivesRewards Points
Game Pass AdventurerPlay 10 different Game Pass games50
Quest DedicationComplete 12 daily and 12 weekly quests:
- Complete 12 daily quests this month to earn Rewards points
- Complete 12 weekly quests this month to earn Rewards points
Quest ApprenticeComplete 8 weekly quests this month50
Quest CompletionistComplete 45 daily and 15 weekly quests:
- Complete 45 daily quests this month to earn Rewards points
- Complete 15 weekly quests this month to earn Rewards points
Co-op Carnage*Get 50 multiplayer kills in Halo: MCC75
Perfect HeistSteal 35 cars in GTA V100
Brute ForceKill 5 Juggernauts in SoD2100
Expert MinionKill 50 enemies in Borderlands 2100
Game Pass Games On the GoInstall 5 games using the Game Pass mobile app50
Sharp ShooterComplete both requirements below:
- Kill 25 Red Dudes in Endless Mode in SUPERHOT
- Land 10 Ghost Kills in Sniper Elite 4
Quest RookieComplete 4 weekly quests this month25
Game Pass ExplorerPlay 4 different Game Pass games25
* These challenges require a Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription

Many quests simply need you to earn one or more achievements in any Game Pass game. Check our full and up-to-date list of Xbox Game Pass games and Xbox Game Pass for PC games, where you will find completion time estimates, user ratings and more.
This week's new game-specific challenges are to finish two multiplayer missions in Dead Rising 4, and to get ten gold orbs in Devil May Cry 5. Together with the recurring weekly quests, these two new weekly challenges can earn you another 275 Microsoft Rewards Points, on top of the total 1,775 to be earned from the monthly quests, and those extra points from the daily quests. Don't forget; the weekly quests will expire on February 25th, so if you're looking for someone to team up with to complete the multiplayer missions for Dead Rising 4 before then, be sure to check our list of gaming sessions available for Dead Rising 4. And if you've got any tips for other players on how to complete either of these challenges, don't forget you can now leave comments and suggestions on game-specific Quests, where you can check the community's suggestions as well!
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