New cosmetic starter bundles for Sea of Thieves: Kraken and Reaper's Heart

By Rich Stone,
Two new cosmetics packs have popped up on our scanners today – while these fancy new sets won't help much on your voyage through the Sea of Thieves achievements list, they will certainly help you do it in style. The two new sets collect a few existing cosmetic items together, in the Kraken Starter Bundle and the Reaper's Heart Bundle.

Kraken Sails
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The cheaper Kraken "Starter" Bundle is named so for a reason – this isn't the full set of available Kraken cosmetics in the game, but it will certainly help aspiring pirates on their way without having to grind quite so much gold. The set gives you a Silver Mane Barbary pet, 550 Ancient Coins and the Angry Fist emote, but it also delivers the Kraken Cutlass, Hat, Jacket and Sails. That leaves a pretty significant chunk of Kraken themed cosmetics to purchase – Gamepedia has the full list – but the pack's additional 10,000 gold will go some tiny way to help. Those 550 Ancient coins could get you a couple of Kraken-themed outfits for your pets, too.

Kraken Starter Bundle
Kraken Starter Bundle

Seize the advantage with the Kraken Starter Bundle, the perfect way to establish yourself from the outset as a pirate of renown! This bundle includes items from the Pirate Emporium, Ancient Coins to spend and some free bonus cosmetics and gold. Start your Sea of Thieves experience with a Silver Mane Barbary at your side – the pet of a daring pirate – along with an Angry Fist emote to ensure that others know you’re no pushover. Use your Ancient Coins to buy an adorable outfit for your monkey or extra emotes, while also enjoying a bold Kraken-themed bonus cosmetic set. The Kraken Starter Bundle contains 550 Ancient Coins, the Silver Mane Barbary and Angry Fist Emote, plus free bonus content: 10,000 gold and the Kraken Cutlass, Hat, Jacket and Sails.

The other new pack for Sea of Thieves fans is the Reaper's Heart bundle, a more pricey option that comes with a few more items. You'll get two pets for your trouble – a cursed Reaper's Heart monkey and parrot – as well as a Reaper's Heart glow-up for all of your weapons. This pack comes with 25,000 gold and 500 Ancient Coins, too.

Reaper's Heart Bundle
Reaper's Heart Bundle

Express yourself as a pirate with a heart (even if it's a black heart filled with lust for gold and glory) thanks to the Reaper's Heart Bundle! This includes the Reaper's Heart Weapon Bundle, with Blunderbuss, Pistol, Eye of Reach and Cutlass, all with a darkly romantic style for winning (and stopping) hearts. You'll also get the cursed Reaper's Heart monkey and parrot pets - these magical constructs will remain by your side for eternity! The bundle also contains 500 Ancient Coins to help you round out your look with premium cosmetics, plus a free 25,000 gold bonus for use in the Outpost shops. The Reaper's Heart Bundle contains 500 Ancient Coins, the Reaper's Heart Weapon Bundle, two Reaper's Heart pets and a free bonus of 25,000 gold.

Sea of Thieves is doing a little maintenance this morning, for the Crews of Rage update (thanks Cakes), so servers are currently down. We expect they will be back up very shortly, though.
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