THQ Nordic is working on a full Gothic remake after the success of their playable teaser

By Heidi Nicholas,
THQ Nordic are now committed to a full remake of 2001's popular German RPG, Gothic. Last year, they set up a playable teaser for the Gothic Remake and asked for feedback, which they're now sharing alongside the announcement about the remake.


The playable prototype of the Gothic Remake went up last December. It was closed over the last weekend, but THQ Nordic have made all of the feedback available here as part of their plan to be transparent about production of the game. THQ Nordic asked whether players would want a full remake after playing the teaser, and as the feedback shows, 94.8% of the 43,111 replies were a resounding "yes". They asked other questions; about the visual fidelity, animations, UI, sound, the English voice-over, and so on, and it seems that the majority of the response was positive, especially considering that this was only an early teaser.

THQ Nordic say the next step is to open a new studio in Barcelona, where they'll continue to assess what parts of the teaser players liked, and what they'd want changed. They say that one demand was for a "grittier and less colourful world". Their feedback presentation also shows that whilst 29.2% of players liked the reinterpretation of the plot, 58.8% thought it "could be better", so perhaps this is part of what they'll be working on at first in the new studio.


The original Gothic was a German RPG set in the kingdom of Myrtana. Any law-breakers in the kingdom are thrown into "the Colony", a giant prison separated from the outside world by a magical barrier. Once you're in, you can't get out. The prisoners soon revolt against the king and the land and form their own faction inside the barrier. The player has been pushed through this magic wall and is now stuck in the Colony, where they're left to form alliances and survive for as long as possible.

THQ Nordic's announcement also includes a statement from Reinhard Pollice, Business and Product Development Director at the compnay: "We are up for the challenge to develop a full Gothic Remake which will stay as faithfully as possible to the original experience and transport the atmospheric world of Gothic into a high quality look and carefully modernizing certain gameplay mechanics." THQ Nordic say the remake will go into full production, and is intended to release on PC and "next gen consoles". Since they're just about to embark on full production of the remake, they haven't yet settled on a release date; although they say it definitely won't be 2020. We'll let you know when we hear more.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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