No Man's Sky Living Ship Update adds new class of biological ship you can grow from an egg

By Sean Carey,
Hello Games continues to expand the No Man's Sky universe with its ninth free update. The Living Ship update adds a bunch of new content, including a new class of living ship, story missions, space encounters, NPCs and more.

The main focal point of the update is a new race of living, biological spaceships that players can "nurture from an egg" and grow into a full-sized spaceship. The new ships are all procedurally generated much like the rest of No Man's Sky and will "look and move like nothing else in the universe." The vessels will feature a strange living cockpit where tendrils are used to pilot the craft. There's also a series of new story missions focused on the craft. Starbirth will take players on a journey through the different ancient Korvax experiments that led to the eventual creation of the sentient spaceships. Organic technologies are also being introduced, which can be used to craft unique items.

If you're looking to start growing your own spaceship, you'll need to head over to the Space Anomaly and "follow the call of the Void Egg."

Space Encounters with mysterious space objects and new lifeforms have also been added which will often yield rewards or more random and dangerous encounters. Space NPCs can now contact you via your communicator in space. They stock special items for sale and could require your assistance or be less friendly than you might thing.

Along with the new content added, Hello Games has made a number of quality of life improvements including making managing items in the inventory slightly easier, warping as a group in multiplayer has been added and game performance has been improved. You can view the full list of patch notes and more on the update on the No Man's Sky website.

Living Ship: Update 2.3 is reportedly live now on Xbox One.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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