Skateboarding sim Session comes to Xbox this spring

By Sean Carey,
Crea-ture Studios has been teasing some Xbox news for its upcoming skateboarding game, Session. Now the team has taken to Twitter to announce that the game is coming to Xbox One in the spring and that Cre-ature has teamed up with a new studio for the port.

The post reads, "In an effort to double on the Xbox console port, we have teamed up with an experienced studio named Illogika who will focus an entire team to porting Session to console alongside us. And together with this expansion of developers we now have a solid timeline to bring you Session on Xbox this spring 2020."

Illogika previously developed the action-puzzler Subaeria and supported development on Cuphead alongside MDHR.

Session was due to come to the Xbox Preview Program in October last year but suffered a delay and was pushed back to November/early December. Unfortunately, the game never arrived, and news on the Xbox One port has been sparse until now. Although it's not explicitly stated, Session will most likely still be coming to the Preview Program as the game is still in Early Access on Steam.

Crea-ture announced earlier in the week that a new control scheme is to be introduced to Session, which should make the game more user-friendly with more familiar controls inline with traditional skateboarding games.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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