Latest Sea of Thieves update makes unlocking Tome related achievements easier

By Sean Carey,
The latest content update for Sea of Thieves has made unlocking achievements related to collecting Tomes from Ashen Chests much easier. Much like previous Sea of Thieves updates, the latest, Crews of Rage, brought with it a total of six achievements relating to collecting Tomes and made changes to the way player's can obtain keys to unlock Ashen Chests and find the different Tomes.

Sea of Thieves Tomes

The news comes from our good friend and Sea of Thieves expert, Mark Delaney who shared his discovery over on GamesRadar. Mark notes that a total of 24 achievements should be made considerably easier thanks to the latest update. To find the Tomes related to the various content updates the game has been receiving recently (The Seabound Soul, Festival of Giving, Legends of the Sea and Crews of Rage) you'd need to find and open Ashen Chests. These are relatively straightforward to obtain, either at every fort, out in the world or by buying an Ashen Chest Stash Voyage from Duke.

You'd also have to find Ashen Keys to open these chests. Ashen Keys are much harder to come across in the world — other than the guaranteed key found in every fort vault. Other methods such as fishing and defeating Ashen Key Masters are much less reliable due to their random nature. Now, Mark notes that Duke is also selling Ashen Key Stash Voyages which should make the process of obtaining a key much less difficult. One of these voyages will set you back 99 Doubloons.

Although there is a random element still present in what Tome you find in an Ashen Chest, you should be able to complete those 24 achievements relating to Tomes, without the headache of randomly coming across an Ashen Key. It's also worth noting that as of the latest update there is an equal chance of obtaining any of the previous updates' Tomes from Duke's voyages – allowing players to more reliably find older Tomes when taking on new contracts if they missed out on some when the updates first rolled out.

Source: GamesRadar
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