MotoGP 20 brings a more "strategic and realistic approach to races" this April

By Sean Carey,
Milestone has announced MotoGP 20, the next entry in the MotoGP series. It will be released a few weeks after the official start of the MotoGP Championship on April 23rd. In a first for the franchise, players will be able to enjoy the current season and race alongside their favourite riders.

Gameplay has had a shakeup with MotoGP 20. According to Milestone, the gameplay is "much more strategic and realistic" with a bunch of new features adding to the realism. Fuel management, asymmetrical tire consumption and aerodynamic damage that affects the bike's look and performance all now play a part in making the game feel more realistic. Alongside these new features, the game's physics have also had a revamp.

The Managerial Career is also back, which allows players to join an official 2020 team where they will have to manage a full entourage "that will support them in selecting a new team, analysing races' data or developing the bike." Bike development will also play a big part in securing a win in MotoGP 20. Players will have to improve the performance of different bike parts across several different key areas and instruct their R&D staff in the process.

The game's Historical Mode has been reworked into a brand-new format, with races randomly generated that players need to win to unlock iconic riders and bikes. Players can also customise their bike's liveries, stickers, helmets, racing numbers and lower back patches thanks to new editors.

MotoGP 20 releases on Xbox One on April 23rd.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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