PUBG update allows Xbox One and PS4 players to party up together

By Sean Carey,
Limited crossplay for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds between Xbox One and PS4 was previously introduced in an update back in October. Now, Update 6.2 allows friends from both consoles to party up and jump into the action together.

Update 6.2 featuring Cross Party Play is currently only live on the PUBG Public Test Server, so if you're itching to try it out with your pals, you can do so right away. Just be aware that player data, including statistics, does not carry over when playing on this server.

The Friends List in PUBG has received a rework. Now you can search for players from both platforms and add them to your party via their Xbox Live Gamertag or PSN Name. At the moment, there has been no word on whether PC will also be getting this feature, allowing them to play alongside console players.

To jump onto PUBG's Public Test Server, you'll need to download it from the Microsoft Store by searching "PUBG - Public Test Server" — it's available for free if you own a copy of the game. For those on PS4, you'll find the Public Test Server in the purchased section of your Library.

Update 6.2 also brings the first-person only 8v8 Team Deathmatch mode via PUBG's new arcade mode.

Source: PUBG
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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