Battlefield 1943 leaderboards go down again, making achievements unobtainable

By Sam Quirke,
It looks like Battlefield 1943 achievements are once again unobtainable after a brief return to availability. At the beginning of the month, we noted that the broken leaderboards in Battlefield 1943 had been fixed. This was our best guess as to why the achievements were suddenly obtainable again. With the leaderboards once again unresponsive, the achievements have quickly followed suit.

Battlefield 1943

Most of the game's achievements are based on stats tracking, as are the game's leaderboards. We're thinking that the achievement requirement counter is tied directly to the output on the leaderboards – so if there's no leaderboard, there's no accumulation of kills or wins for the achievements.

Whether the achievements will return to viability remains unclear – it was a pleasant surprise when they appeared at all at the beginning of the month. We've reached out to EA for some clarification and we'll let you know if we hear anything. Meanwhile, the publisher continues a slow ramp-up to a future Battlefield 6. EA recently revealed that we won't see a new Battlefield game in 2020. We're still getting a Battlefield V update on the regular – assault specialist Misaki Yamashiro was recently added as Chapter 6's first elite.

Thanks to our community members for the heads up.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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