Mojang shares more on Minecraft Dungeons' varying environments in latest developer diary

By Sean Carey,
Mojang has given us another glimpse at its upcoming game Minecraft Dungeons. In a new developer diary, the team talks about the varying environments, procedural generation and the video shows off some new gameplay.

According to game designer, Pontus Hammarberg says that the levels in Dungeons will feel familiar to those who have already played Minecraft as they are set in the Minecraft universe. However, he also says that the game is narratively driven and each level or environment will support the plot or tell its own story. Designing the different levels has been a challenge for the developers as primarily the game is made from a multiplayer standpoint, but an effort has gone into making the game fun for solo players.

Levels in Minecraft Dungeons are to "some extent" procedurally generated, with various puzzle pieces being created and the engine then piecing them together for the player.

Minecraft Dungeons comes to Xbox One, PC, Switch, PS4 and launches into Xbox Game Pass this April — no specific date has been announced.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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