Microsoft Flight Simulator will feature every airport on earth

By Heidi Nicholas,
The size of the Microsoft Flight Simulator world and the capabilities of the game seem to expand with every new piece of info. In a recent video, Asobo Studio's Lead Game Designer Sven Mestas says that the last Microsoft Flight Simulator had over 24,000 airports, but that this new game will feature every single airport on earth.

From airstrips on tiny islands to international, iconic airports, the game will have every single airport in the world. Mestas says that the team started with the airports from FSX and added to those, using aerial and satellite images, until they had 37,000 manually edited airports. A special tool needed to be created just to achieve this scale. From these, they selected 80 of the most popular and busy airports for a specific treatment, and added in extra details such as naming the taxiways and signs to match official IDs. They also handpicked a top-level category of the most iconic airports, for which they created buildings, added props, and terraformed landscapes to mirror those seen in real life.

The devs are adding in minute details to make these airports even more realistic. You'll even be able to see animated windsocks, which change with the direction of the wind. Airport life will be scaled to the size of the airport. Mestas says that ambient ground traffic has been improved; there'll be vehicles scattered through parking lots, and cars can turn on their headlights when it gets dark. Workers will march across the screen on their way to a task. There's new visuals for the jetways, drivers in the pushback vehicles, and workers on the baggage service. Players can call up ground power units, and there's a new animated catering truck.

Asobo is clearly planning for this upcoming installation in the Flight Simulator franchise to be the most ambitious yet. There's still no word on a release date, but since Asobo continues to share new details and footage from the game, it hopefully won't be much longer until we hear something.

Whenever Microsoft Flight Simulator does come out, it'll appear in Xbox Game Pass for PC. If you want to try out more of Asobo's work, their highly acclaimed grim adventure A Plague Tale: Innocence is on Xbox Game Pass for PC too. It also recently appeared in a list of new games for Project xCloud, Microsoft's streaming service.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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