EA is reported to have cancelled a Star Wars: Battlefront spinoff

By Heidi Nicholas,
EA is reported to have cancelled a Star Wars: Battlefront spinoff project, codenamed "Vikings", which they had apparently planned to release later this year alongside the launch of both next-gen consoles.

Star Wars Battlefront II

This comes from Kotaku, who say they got this information from interviews with six people "familiar with EA's inner workings". The project, which would apparently have had open-world elements, is said to have been in development throughout 2018, and was cancelled in the first half of last year. This makes it, says Kotaku, the third Star Wars game that EA has cancelled since 2017. Vikings sounds as though it would have been a big project, if EA was planning on releasing it alongside the Xbox Series X and PS5, but the sources said that “'too many cooks' was a running theme" regarding the game's development.

These same sources say that problems also arose from a combination of too short a timeline and "logistical challenges". "Although Criterion was, on paper, the lead studio, the logistical challenges of cross-country game development made that a difficult proposition...It soon became clear that Viking would never be finished in just a year and a half, and EA’s executives had no interest in extending the timeline." Apparently, EA has no plans for anything to replace the gap left by Vikings' cancellation; but it seems that a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is on the way, as those same sources say both that and a "smaller, more unusual project" are EA's current Star Wars focus.

A sequel to Fallen Order has been rumoured for some time. It'd make sense; the game did very well, with EA's most recent earnings call showing that it had already surpassed the sales EA were expecting for the whole year. Plus, the story felt as though it finished a little abruptly. Kotaku's sources don't go into detail on this sequel, or on whether EA has any plans for DLC for the current Fallen Order title, but we'll let you know when we hear more.
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