The Kingdom Hearts III developers detail the Re Mind DLC ahead of its release tomorrow

By Heidi Nicholas,
Re Mind, releasing tomorrow, is the first DLC for Square Enix's KINGDOM HEARTS III. Ahead of its release, the developers detail a little more about what players can expect.

Re Mind DLC

Talking to Xbox Wire, the devs say the DLC is "made to allow an even deeper enjoyment" of Kingdom Hearts III. "The DLC has been expanded in all its facets, including battles, story, and system," says Tai Yasue, co-director of the game. "It is easy to be drawn to the story, but most of the time spent developing this expansion was focused on adding the new battles and mechanics changes," adds Director Tetsuya Nomura, saying that Re Mind includes the kind of "merciless challenges that you can only really do as DLC".

The DLC comes with several new features such as the Slideshow, Data Greeting, and the Premium Menu. "We’ve prepared a wide array of contents for many different tastes", Yasue explains. "Re Mind for those who want to enjoy the story and new controllable characters, Data Greeting and Slideshow features for the creative, the Limitcut Real Organization XIII for those who want to challenge themselves to a formidable foe, and orchestra video for those who want to experience a beautiful world of music and images." The Premium Menu, meanwhile, lets you customise game settings. It has EZ codes with things like Auto-Guard for players who want to have a smoother experience through the game, and Pro Codes, for players who want to ramp up the difficulty by choosing settings like HP Slip, which "decreases HP at regular intervals of time". The devs also remind players that there'll be achievements specific both to EZ and Pro codes, and that, within the EZ Code achievements, they've "prepared some curve balls like one where you must get all the way from the top of Rapunzel’s tower to the Kingdom of Corona without setting foot on the ground very much."

The devs expound on the difficulty of some of the DLC bosses, including the secret boss, who, it turns out, is indeed "so strong that it makes you cry" — the devs say they tested that sentiment with other devs and testers who'd experienced past secret bosses.

Re-Mind releases for Xbox players tomorrow. It's up for £24.99/$29.99 on the Microsoft store, or for £32.99/$39.99 for the Re Mind + version, which also includes the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World of Tres- concert video. The main Kingdom Hearts III game itself releases into Xbox Game Pass tomorrow, February 25th. If that isn't enough Kingdom Hearts for you, the rest of the series back catalogue released last week; KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue and KINGDOM HEARTS - HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX are out now.
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