Xbox are adding the option to eject discs from Xbox Ones using a controller

By Heidi Nicholas,
Xbox will soon be rolling out a feature where players can eject discs from their consoles by using the "X" button on the controller. It's only available for Xbox Insiders at the moment, but will arrive for everyone else soon.


This info comes via Reddit, where it's also confirmed that the feature's currently only available for Xbox Insiders. This is a feature which has been heavily requested for some time, especially by players who've got a broken eject button on their console. It's sure to be a lifesaver for those who have that broken button; the only other ways to get a disc out, according to Reddit, are to use a paperclip or, if she'll listen to you, to ask Alexa to do it. However, the news seems to have been received with mixed responses on Reddit. Some question whether it'd really save any time, since you've got to get up to get the disc out anyway. Plus, it also raises the question of whether enough people are still playing with a physical disc to merit using this feature. Still others are pleased to get the feature, but question why it's only being patched in now, especially when the next-gen Xbox is looming on the horizon. However, as another Reddit user pointed out, the feature is helpful to anyone using an adaptive controller, so that's a major plus.

Since this feature is already available to Xbox Insiders, it should be rolling out in an update soon for everyone else. Another Reddit user claims the new dashboard will release later this month, meaning everyone else can soon start ejecting discs with no more than the effort it takes to push a button.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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