E3 2011: Blackwater Coming Exclusively to Kinect

By DavieMarshall, 7 years ago
Kinect continues its mission of maturity with the announcement of another FPS title exclusive for Kinect. However, developers Zombie Studios have detailed that the game will be playable 'using a traditional controller or Kinect for Xbox 360’s controller-free abilities'.

The title's namesake is a genuine private security company founded by Erik Prince (a former Navy SEAL) which provided training to military and security agencies. Ian Howe, President of publisher 505 Games noted the power of Kinect in unlocking the gamelay potential within Blackwater:

The Blackwater team is comprised of an amazing group of individuals and we’re proud to work with them to create a video game that showcases their talent and courage. Being able to get the controller out of player’s hands with Kinect and have them on the ground and immersed in the experience will give them a glimpse of what it takes to be a member of an elite fighting force.
Although the title will be based on a fictional scenario which unfolds in a fictional North African town as you attempt to help defend the town from opposing militia forces. The game will feature official weaponry, and motion control gestures developed in conjunction with former Blackwater members. The game is said to be 'intense', 'cinematic' and an experience 'unlike anything you've ever played before'.

Blackwater is coming in Fall 2011