Three quick completions from the week's sales: Candleman, The Clocker and Fearful Symmetry

By Sam Quirke,
It's Tuesday, which means its time for another round-up of the quickest game completions from the week's sales. This week the offerings are admittedly slim, but at least two of the three games we've picked up are pretty well regarded by the community. Without further ado, let's get stuck in.


Quickest Xbox Game Completions from the latest Sales

Game Completion Time Average Discount Store Links
Fearful Symmetry & The Cursed Prince 2-3 hours 90% View
Clocker 2-3 hours 20% View
Candleman 4-5 hours 40% View
Fearful Symmetry and the Cursed Prince is going to be a relatively quick completion at under 3 hours, but it's not necessarily the easiest; as per I AM CULLY's achievement guide for One for all, all for one, a few of the levels are pretty tricky to overcome. We recommend checking out their video for some help. At 2.85 from the community, it's also not the best-rated game – but it's also only 49 cents this week. The choice is yours.

The Clocker has a slightly higher overall completion rate but also has multiple ending achievements, meaning at least partial playthroughs of this 2D adventure. Luckily Drastic Ed xo of Achievement Squad has a full achievement guide for those who like to follow a video. The dual-protagonist time-bending adventure actually has pretty decent ratings on TA with a 3.88 score, so it might be worth a go.

Candleman is a great little platformer in which you play a tiny candle just trying to keep its wick burning long enough to get out of a shadowy platforming maze. This one is rated a 3.85 by the community. We've got a full Candleman achievement walkthrough which also includes steps to get through the game's Lost Light DLC. If you wanted to pick up that extra content, a bundle is also included in the sale that packages Candleman and its DLC with Wenjia, a newer platformer by the same studio. It's not featured on our list here thanks to a nasty LIMBO style "finish the game with fewer than 5 deaths" achievement requirement.

Candleman Complete Journey Bundle with Wenjia

Candleman Complete Journey Bundle with Wenjia

One of our best-selling game Wenjia is now added into Candleman Definitive Edition with no additional charge!

That's it for the quickest games in this week's sales. You can view the full list of the games discounted in the latest Xbox sale here.
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