Introducing the TrueAchievements Players of the Week

By Heidi Nicholas,
Welcome to our inaugural Players of the Week article! Every Wednesday, we're aiming to give you a rundown of the community members who earned the most achievements, TA score, and Gamerscore in the previous week. Here are the results for the week beginning Monday 17th February.

Most achievements unlocked

GamerAchievements unlockedHighest ratio achievement
Gensui Akainu611Basketcase
Lejy569Negative, Ghostrider
Onlyonehunnids563You Tampered
LambOfGore431Master Trader
Ink Splitters412Basketcase
Blizzey xD411A new challenger has appeared
l306l PoRkRoAsT393Unlock All Abilities
Itchy Bahook390Basketcase
nuttywray388Maybe try a boat?
Doc Holliday x372Multiplayer Champion

Highest TrueAchievement score earned

GamerTrueAchievement earnedHighest ratio achievement
Gensui Akainu45,269Basketcase
Onlyonehunnids35,872You Tampered
Ink Splitters32,423Basketcase
Lejy31,028Negative, Ghostrider
l306l PoRkRoAsT28,455Unlock All Abilities
LambOfGore28,421Master Trader
nuttywray28,257Maybe try a boat?
Blizzey xD27,869A new challenger has appeared
SVE27,097Super Sparrow
AH Kazooie26,386A new challenger has appeared

Highest Gamerscore earned

GamerGamerScore earnedHighest ratio achievement
Gensui Akainu35,725Basketcase
l306l PoRkRoAsT24,125Unlock All Abilities
nuttywray24,045Maybe try a boat?
SVE22,835Super Sparrow
Lejy22,240Negative, Ghostrider
Blizzey xD21,690A new challenger has appeared
AH Kazooie20,780A new challenger has appeared
Doc Holliday x20,200Multiplayer Champion
LambOfGore19,755Master Trader
darkwing123218,8908 Ball Champion - No Aimz
As the tables show, the top community member for all three categories is Gensui Akainu, who has a whopping 2,068,495 TA score overall. They managed to unlock 611 achievements, 45,269 TA score, and 35,725 Gamerscore all in the last week. Their top achievement in all of these categories was the Basketcase achievement for The Sims 4. It's no wonder Gensui Akainu managed to get it; they stormed through the entire The Sims 4 list in a single day. According to TA community member BiLLzuMaNaTi, it's actually even possible to unlock every Sims 4 achievement in two hours, so perhaps that was some help.

The Sims 4BasketcaseThe Basketcase achievement in The Sims 4 worth 83 pointsHave a Sim get in and out of all primary emotional states within 24 Sim hours.

The Basketcase achievement is worth 25 Gamerscore and 162 TA score, with an overall TA ratio of 6.49. (If you'd like a refresher of how we calculate our TA ratio, check here.) Basketcase, it seems, revolves entirely around messing with your Sim as much as possible in 24 Sim Hours. The achievement can only unlock if the Sim gets in and out of every primary emotional state within that timeframe. It seems to be a tricky little achievement; only 2% of the 968 community members playing the game have unlocked this achievement, and only 0.08% of all Xbox players have managed to achieve it. If you're having trouble with it, we've got a number of guides. One, written by Malkoris, lists all of the 16 primary emotional states you'll need to manipulate your sim into: Fine, Happy, Confident, Playful, Flirty, Angry, Sad, Focused, Inspired, Tense, Uncomfortable, Bored, Embarrassed, Energised, Dazed, and Asleep. If you don't mind putting your sim through that emotional rollercoaster, that achievement's as good as yours.

This is our first trial run of this new article format. Please let us know what you think, and if you have any ideas or any thoughts on stats you'd like to see more of in the future, be sure to let us know in the comments!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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