Resident Evil 3: Jill's apparently up against a bigger, badder, meaner Nemesis

By Heidi Nicholas,
Last year's remake of Resident Evil 2 was exceptionally well-received, and anticipation has only grown for Capcom's upcoming remake of Resident Evil 3. We're seeing more and more details popping up as the April release date for the Resident Evil 3 release date draws closer; including details about a stronger Nemesis, a "reinvented" Raccoon city, and the option of an Assist mode.

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This info comes via the PlayStation blog, which goes into detail on a lot of new features coming in the Resi 3 remake.

Leon could pick up knives to use as a defensive weapon in the Resi 2 remake, but they'd degrade after several uses. In the Resi 3 remake, knives won't degrade, but nor can they be used in self-defence. Instead, it seems Jill will have to rely on a new evade move and Perfect Dodge. The blog says the evade mode is activated with R1 and the left stick for the PS4 controller; so presumably it'll be RB for Xbox One players. It's apparently a little like a parry. Jill can also Perfect Dodge while pressing A. Doing this at exactly the right time results in a "slow-motion counter window" which Jill can use to fire back at enemies.

The streets of Raccoon city will be wider — all the better for larger hordes of zombies. The city will be populated with new locations and shops, and the blog says there's also a new section of the sewer, a bigger subway station, and even a donut shop. The city's also been "dramatically reinvented" with "photo-realistic" visuals and additional smaller details, like movie posters on the walls, and dirt becoming visible on Jill as she travels. There'll also apparently be bigger areas and "re-imagined sequences".

Jill can use environmental traps such as electrical boxes, and can even utilise them against Nemesis; who'll be "bigger, stronger, and more persistent than ever". He will also, it seems, occasionally drop supply cases when you deal him enough damage. Lastly, if it all gets too much, there'll be an "Assist Mode", which players can choose for "weaker enemies, more ammo, and a powerful assault rifle", as well as for a gradual regeneration of health.

The Resident Evil 3 remake releases in a few months, on April 3rd.
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