Xbox Game Pass Quests guide: Nab some Rewards points using Project xCloud

By Sean Carey,
The latest round of weekly Xbox Game Pass Quests have been revealed and are the final Quests for February. This doesn't give you long to finish this week's and this month's Quests and bag yourself some Microsoft Rewards Points.


The new weekly Quests have caused a bit of a headache for some here on TA. The "Beastmaster" Quest, asks you to complete any achievement in Ark: Survival Evolved. This is an easy win for 75 Rewards Points due to the game having console commands, however many on-site have already unlocked the full list of Ark's achievements. If you haven't, you can jump on this one straight away; check out the walkthrough on how to access the console commands menu and what codes to type in.

We've also discovered an easy way of completing Quests using xCloud. If you're in the xCloud preview, loading up a game in the preview that is also in Xbox Game Pass, counts towards the completion of a Quest. This can be used for Quests such as the daily "Play Game Pass" Quest and the weekly "Earn Your Way" Quest; which requires you to play five different Game Pass games. xCloud is especially handy for completing "Earn Your Way" as all you have to do is load five different games, and keep them open for a matter of seconds to unlock the Quest — no downloading required. This method will also save your completion percentage just as it would if you were to do it via console or PC.

We also unlocked an achievement in Ark: Survival Evolved and found that this counted towards the "Beastmaster" Quest. If you are in the xCloud preview, the streaming service can make collecting those reward points much less taxing.

The second weekly Quest, can't be completed using xCloud as Overcooked! 2 doesn't feature in the preview. The Quest is straightforward to complete though and is worth 75 Rewards Points. A solution provided on the Cooking Chaos Quest page details that all you need to do is start the tutorial in solo and cut and serve the first two items. As this doesn't have an achievement tied to the Quest, it won't be added to your profile and will save your completion percentage from taking a tumble.

You can check out the full list of Xbox Game Pass Quests here. It's also worth checking to see which games are currently in both Xbox Game Pass and the Project xCloud preview.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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