Unlock all The Sims 4 Xbox achievements in two hours using BiLLzuMaNaTi's latest guide

By Sean Carey,
The Sims 4 is a game not generally considered as a quick completion. It has a tough achievement list that previously would have taken tens of hours to polish off. However, a video guide from TA regular, BiLLzuMaNaTi, details a new method that will see you unlocking the game's 50 achievements in around two hours.

The method involves using downloaded saves found in the game's Gallery. To access it, you will have to connect your Xbox Live account to an EA account, which should appear when you start up the game. In the Gallery, you'll be able to download saved files previously uploaded by other players. Thankfully, BiLLzuMaNaTi has detailed everything you need to do in a fantastic video guide which we've embedded above.

The Sims 4 achievements list would normally take you an estimated 60-80 hours to complete — with some completion estimates going beyond the 100-hour mark. BiLLzuMaNaTi's guide will have you unlocking all achievements in a couple of hours; saving you heaps of time. Although the guide is only 46 minutes long, be aware that BiLLzuMaNaTi has cut out the loading screens from the video, so bear that in mind when you start your playthrough.

If you're an EA Access subscriber, then this will come as great news as the game is currently included in the service. You can pick up a subscription for just $5. If you're not, The Sims 4 is on sale for a reasonable price of only $9.99/£8.74/€9.99.

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The Sims™ 4

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Written by Sean Carey
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