A TA player has found a command to unlock all of ARK's Explorer Note achievements

By Heidi Nicholas,
11 of the ARK: Survival Evolved achievements are tied to finding Explorer Notes — the collectables scattered across the game. The achievements unlock each time you collect more Explorer Notes; 10%, 20%, and so on, but collecting them all is a sizeable feat, judging from the hefty achievement for 415 TA score which unlocks when you find 100%. Luckily, TrueAchievements player Viridisx13 has worked out a command which will help you get not just this one, but every achievement related to Explorer Notes.


K4rn4ge spotted Viridisx13's command and pointed it out to us. The guide, which you can see here, says that all you need to do is pause the game, press LB, RB, X and Y, and type in the command GiveAllExplorerNotes. Viridisx13 warns this might freeze your game, but that once the console's sorted itself out, the achievements should start unlocking. Judging by the response to their post, a lot of TA members have already benefited from this; one player managed to get all 11 from it.

The Explorer Notes were added to ARK as part of Title Update - v759, which brought in 15 new achievements. By itself, the Title Update achievements had an estimated completion time of around 1-2 hours, but Viridisx13's guide should help you cut that completion time down quite a bit. They also point out that at the moment, this only seems to work on the Xbox, but not for Win10, so only Xbox players will be able to make use of this new command for now. If you're having trouble with any other of ARK's achievements, check out the ARK achievements list, where TA members have made at least one guide for every achievement. As K4rn4ge also pointed out, Viridisx13's guide will also help you to complete one of this week's Xbox Game Pass Quests, which requires you to unlock any ARK achievement. So, if you use the guide before 2nd March — at which point the weekly Xbox Game Pass Quests will change — you'll get 75 Microsoft Rewards points.

You can check Viridisx13's guide here.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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