Activision "discontinued" game list updated – Band Hero, DJ Hero and more

By Sam Quirke,
Like many mega publishers, Activision currently keeps a list of its "legacy games" – games from the back catalogue which for whatever reason have reduced availability, support or server connection. As spotted by Shadow Kisuragi, the list has been updated recently to include the likes of Band Hero and the DJ Hero series.

DJ Hero

It's important to note that this doesn't necessarily mean that the achievements are affected in all listed titles. Activision has simply stated that the games are no longer supported and that, in many cases, this means the game's servers will be down too. Not all of the listed games will have multiplayer achievements to worry about, anyway. However, if you've been hoping for some sort of fix or patch for any of the below games, the chances of that happening are now very, very unlikely.
Some of these won't be surprising – Dark of the Moon has been delisted from stores for a while, and the various Hero titles have had lots of DLC pulled over the years. However, this is a more definitive nail in the coffin from Activision.

At the time of writing, some multiplayer servers are still up – Wolfenstein, for example, still appears to be unaffected. However, with no technical support coming, we can assume that the shelf life of these online experiences is coming to an end. If you have achievements left to get, we suggest you see about grabbing them now. You can make use of our Gaming Sessions too to search for like-minded achievement seekers setting up play sessions for the games you are interested in. From there, you can also set up your own gaming session slot for community members to join.

Meanwhile, those who mourn the gradual passing of DJ Hero can look ahead to Fuser, a new Harmonix project that will attempt to emulate a live music festival mixed by the player.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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