Xbox Series X quick resume will even work after a console reboot, says Major Nelson

By Sam Quirke,
This Monday, Phil Spencer casually threw out some impressive Xbox Series X specs including a powerful 12 TFLOPS GPU. Also in the list was a Quick Resume feature, allowing players to hop between multiple paused games without having to quit any of them. Larry Hryb (Major Nelson) has hinted that the Quick Resume feature is even more powerful than Spencer described, with paused game states surviving a system reboot.

Xbox Series X

T3 spotted the extra detail asHryb was describing his own experience with the Series X on his Major Nelson podcast. It was an episode during which Hryb spoke about the revealed Xbox Series X tech specs with Xbox Director of Program Management Jason Ronald. Hryb and Ronald are two of the lucky Xbox employees who have been able to try out the Series X at home.

While talking about the seamless transition between multiple paused games – which Ronald attributed to the custom SSD in the Series X – Hryb mentions a scenario in which he had to reboot the console for an update. His paused game state was still there and ready to go when the Series X came back on. Ronald called his experience with Quick Resume "transformative", making it difficult to return to the old way of gaming.

The reboot situation is good news for everybody. However, even the basic ability to switch between several games could have an impact for dedicated gamers, especially those of us in the achievement hunting community. We can easily imagine scenarios where we might want to pop into a different game for a moment to grab a quick achievement without losing progress in another game.

There are plenty of TA Gaming Sessions that involve waiting patiently for a generous player to help a whole bunch of people grab an achievement by sharing an item or performing an interaction. It'd be great to carry on with another game while you wait in the queue. There's also plenty of times where a Gaming Session participant might be delayed – being able to keep the session open while you wait but kick back with another game in the meantime sounds very appealing. Even beyond achievement hunting, we might want to have a game queued up ready for a timed event to kick off, but don't want to be stuck hanging around in the menus.

What at first glance seems like a niche gimmick might turn out to be pretty useful to dedicated gamers. What do you think? Could you find a good use for the Quick Resume feature? Let us know!
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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