Poll: What new game would you like to see from Rockstar?

By Sean Carey,
It's almost the weekend which means it's time for another TA poll. Last week, we asked you if you would play Fortnite's battle royale mode if it featured achievements? With over 3000 responses and a slew of comments, 71.42% of you said you still wouldn't jump into Epic's shooter even if some new achievements were added.

Rockstar Games Tease

For this week's poll, we want to know what game you'd like to see from Rockstar if they are teasing something new? If you missed it, Rockstar has added some new images to its website. This has naturally led the internet to enter a frenzied state of conspiracy and confusion. One of the images seems somewhat cryptic with strange slogans and seemingly random letters and numbers dotted around it. In the past, Rockstar has teased new games in a similar way before – it's nothing out of the ordinary for the developer. The second image of an android is somewhat more confusing as it doesn't fit with any of Rockstar's current games.

If this is a tease for a new Rockstar title, what would you like to see from the developer? Let us know by answering in this week's poll and by voicing your opinions in the comments. Have a great weekend!
What new game would you like to see from Rockstar?
  • GTA 626.31% (805)
  • Bully 226.8% (820)
  • Max Payne 48.69% (266)
  • L.A. Noire sequel18.1% (554)
  • Manhunt 36.44% (197)
  • Something different — Let us know in the comments13.66% (418)
We've had 3060 responses.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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