A pro FIFA 20 match was decided by Rock, Paper, Scissors due to EA server issues

By Sean Carey,
On Saturday, two FIFA eSports professionals had to decide the outcome of an official EA-licensed qualifying match via a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors due to a server outage. EA's servers went down over the weekend which left FIFA pro players, Shaun Galea and Hasan Eker unable to complete their scheduled match.

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FIFA 20 wasn't the only game that was affected by the server outage. However, for both Galea and Eker, the servers going down meant the two could not be matched together to complete their FUT Champions Cup Stage 5 Qualifier. Instead of finding another solution, the pair were forced to play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to settle the outcome.

Unfortunately, Galea lost the game and took to Twitter to vent his frustration.

EA has gone on to issue a statement about the bizarre circumstances. The EA Sports FIFA Competitive Gaming team is now "reviewing this really unique situation to understand what occurred." The statement also points out that the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors did not eliminate either of the two players from the competition. Both completed subsequent matches but didn't proceed to the next round.

You won't need to play Rock, Paper, Scissors to get through the FIFA 20 achievements list, though you will have to take part in several aspects of Ultimate Team to finish it off, including participating the Weekend League for the Welcome to the League achievement. Here's hoping this weekend's server issues were a temporary blip.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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