The Division 2: Level 30 Boost for Warlords of New York expansion may disable achievements

By Sean Carey,
The latest expansion for Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is now live. Warlords of New York adds a new story set in a devastated Lower Manhatten. To access the DLC, your character needs to have reached level 30 and World Tier 5. Players who pre-purchased the expansion have been granted an optional level 30 Boost so they can access the content straight away. Reportedly, using that Boost disables all the game's achievements, meaning that you could lose all achievement progression for that character.

Warlords of New York DLC The Division 2

When accessing the expansion, a warning message is displayed saying that using the Boost will affect "some" achievements. According to a Warlords of New York issues thread over on Reddit, one of the highlighted problems with the expansion is that this level 30 Boost description is incorrect. Several Redditors have pointed out that using the Boost actually disables all achievements for that character. Some users on Reddit are assuming that this will change soon and that only a number of achievements will be affected.

Over in our forums, players are coming up against the issue too and have faced conflicting reports from Ubisoft. A Ubisoft Support FAQ page says that using the Boost will "automatically unlock all progress achievements up to level 30." This could be relating to in-game Commendation progress achievements, but the wording isn't very clear.

Several reports from across the internet also show that PlayStation users who have used the Boost can not unlock trophies with their boosted characters.

We have reached out to Ubisoft for clarification on the level 30 Boost issue; we will update you if we hear something back. In the meantime, be aware that you could lose all achievement progress on your character if you decided to use the Boost.

We also still don't have an official achievement list for the Warlords of New York expansion. We picked up a trophy list yesterday for the DLC, but the achievements are still nowhere to be seen. Again, we have reached out to Ubisoft to find out where the missing achievements are.

If you've experienced issues with the level 30 Boost first hand, be sure to let us know in the comments.
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Written by Sean Carey
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